What is bartervana?

A new class of barter exchange management platform designed to simplify your
business and provide you all your data right at your finger tips so you
can make informed decisions to grow your business.

Who is bartervana For?

Existing Exchanges

Start-Up Exchanges

How Does bartervana Simplify Exchange Management?

Easy to use interface

designed for ease of use by management, administrators and members alike.

High Member Use Rate

due to ease of use on member side.

Responsive Design

that sizes up or down to fit the screens of all device types.

Built In Accounting

features to promote compliance and simplify your workload come tax time

Robust Reports

for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly look at how your exchange is performing.


on the fundamentals of building a successful exchange for start-up or struggling exchanges.

Comprehensive tools

to manage your exchange from start-up through to maturity or any phase in between.

Expert Support

from an experienced team who is personally invested in your success.

What Does bartervana Cost?

bartervana is a subscription-based service with three levels:


For new exchanges that want to get started and be profitable right away

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For existing exchanges that need their data imported into bartervana

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Can I See bartervana?

Absolutely! Call us at 480-788-3413 or fill out the form
below and we will contact you to set up a demo:

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