Evaluating if Enterprise is the best subscription level for you? Here’s everything you need to know in an easy-to-scan format because we know you don’t have time to waste…

Who is the Enterprise membership level for? Existing exchange owners that want to run their business and not worry about software.

Do you set up my exchange for me? Yes! Here’s how we help you get off on the right foot both in our software:

  • Set up your account (it’s more complicated than you think – we’ll explain during your orientation),
  • Customize the look and feel of your exchange with your company logo,
  • Set up your Barter21 site and pages,
  • Provide manuals and documentation on how to use Barter21,
  • Conduct a software orientation to help you learn how to use Barter21 to its fullest potential and,
  • Migrate your exchange into Barter21.

Can I see a demo? Yep! Just fill out the form below or feel free to call us at 480-788-3413 if you’d like one right away.

Will my members have access to trade with all members inside the Barter21 exchanges? That’s up to you! We offer both standalone and in-network options. Standalone allows your members to only trade with other members of your exchange. Networks allows your members to trade with each other and/or members of other exchanges in the Barter21 network.

Is there a cost for setup? Yes, the cost for setting up your exchange and teaching you the ins and outs of using it as a Rocket subscriber is $499.00.

Are there any other costs? Yes, a 0.5% cash transaction fee for both the buyer and seller (1% total per transaction) with a monthly minimum of $50.00 or maximum of $500.00. If you take part in our network, there is an additional BARTER fee of 0.125% for both the buyer and seller (0.25% per transaction) with a monthly BARTER minimum of $25.00 or maximum of $150.00.

I have some other questions, can we chat? Absolutely! Give us a shout at 480-788-3413

I’m ready to sign up – what now? Call us at 480-788-3413 and we will get the ball rolling.

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